International research projects


The global network of air links and scientific collaboration – a quasi-experimental analysis (CADRE Fellowship Program / Indiana University Bloomington). August 2019 – December2022. Role: principal investigator.

Research productivity and mobility (under programme „Sustainable, intelligent and inclusive regional and city models” at the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre, University of Pécs). 2020-2022. Role: principal investigator.

ESPON SUPER: Sustainable Urbanization & land-use Practices in European Regions (ESPON Programme). April 2019 - August 2020. Role: core research team member.

COHESIFY: The Impact of Cohesion Policy on EU Identification (Horizon 2020 Programme). February 2016 – April 2018. Role: core research team member.

EUBORDERREGIONS: European Regions, EU External Borders and the Immediate Neighbours. Analysing Regional Development Options through Policies and Practices of Cross-Border Co-operation (7th Framework Programme). February 2014 – February 2015. Role: research team member.

GRINCOH: Growth-Innovation-Competitiveness fostering cohesion in Central and Eastern Europe, (7th Framework Programme). March 2012 – February 2015. Role: research team member.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of EU-funded Small Projects to Improve Cross-border Citizen Relations (Polish-German Foundation for Science). June 2013 – June 2014. Role: principal investigator.

KNOW-MAN - Knowledge Network Management in Technology Parks (INTERREG IVC). 2010-2012. Role: core research team member.

ESPON TERCO European Territorial Cooperation as a Factor of Growth, Jobs and Quality of Life (ESPON Programme). 2010-2012. Role: core research team member.

ESPON FOCI. Future Orientation for Cities (ESPON Programme). 2008-2010. Role: core research team member.

Methods and Tools for Evaluating the Impact of Cohesion Policies on Sustainable Regional Development – SRDTOOLS (6 Framework Programme). February 2006 – November 2006. Role: research team member.

National research projects


Analysis of resources, activity and achievements of scientific units in Poland in the field of technology creation and development (Funded by: Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology). 2021-2022. Collaboration with National Information Processing Institute – National Research Institute. Role: principal investigator.

Quasi-experimental analyses of academic mobility policies (Funded by: National Science Centre). July 2019 – June 2023. Role: principal investigator.

The hierarchy of scientific cooperation and the uneven distribution of benefits from scientific cooperation in the context of the center-periphery model - preliminary research (Funded by: National Science Centre). March 2019 – March 2020. Role: principal investigator.

Investment in human capital and local socio-economic development. Empirical study on the effectiveness of public intervention, using evidence on the absorption of EU structural funds in Poland (Funded by: National Science Centre). February 2016 – September 2019. Role: core research team member.

Regional input-output tables as a research tool for analyses of smart growth (Funded by: National Science Centre). September 2013 – March 2017. Role: core research team member.

Polish scientific centres in the European cooperation network – characteristics, determinants, mechanisms (Funded by: National Science Centre). August 2012 – December 2017. Role: core research team member.

The role of local government in the adaptation of firms and employees to global and regional economic trends (Funded by: European Union / European Social Fund). April 2014 – June 2015. Role: core research team member and the leader of EUROREG’s team.

Local Human Development Index for Poland (Funded by: United Nations Development Program and Ministry of Regional Development). July 2012 – February 2013. Role: core research team member.

Learning ministries – a toolkit for diagnosing and supporting organizational learning in public administration (Funded by: European Union / European Social Fund). September 2011 – June 2014. Role: core research team member.

Networks of organizations supporting innovation and technology transfer in Poland and Europe (Funded by: Ministry of Science and Higher Education). July 2009 – April 2011. Role: principal investigator.

Living Conditions of Polish Society. Problems and Strategies (Funded by: Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland); June 2007 – December 2007. Role: research team member.